Featured Skater: Japanic Attack

Photo by Darren Stehr

What position(s) do you play?

Who’s your biggest fan?
Definitely my husband. Mike is the ultimate derby widow-he takes care of the kids through all my practice and training sessions, comes to all of my games, helps out at events, and gets dragged along to ALL the out-of-town bouts. Last year he drove 14 hours with me to watch Champs in Minnesota.

What’s your favourite thing about roller derby?
I really like the drive roller derby has given me to become more fit and strong. It’s a very physically demanding sport and that motivates me to hit the weights at the gym! I also love the feeling of community in the sport and all the friends I’ve made in HCRG and other leagues.

What’s your most memorable derby moment?
My most memorable derby moment so far was winning MVP in a fresh meat game in Montreal. I was congratulated by Plastik Patrik – a celebrity in the world of derby!

Do you have any pre-bout rituals?
I just try not to freak out too much from nerves!

What advice would you give someone interested in playing derby?
I would tell them to just give it a try. Signing up for Derby 101 was the best decision I’ve made. It seems super intimidating to beginners, but we have trainers who will guide you through everything from the basics on up. All the women in the league started at the beginning too so there’s always support and encouragement for our fresh meat.

Who do you want to give a shout-out to?
My daughters, Aoki and Kiyoko. They’re my little minions and future roller derby stars!