Hammer City Gets Cookin’

Our competitive juices got cooking yesterday thanks to the Chef Nicholas Brings Hamilton And The World To You show on Cable 14.

Our ‘Dinner Rolls’ team — Abba StabYa, Roxy Contin, and Sith Faced — went head to head against the Dough Boys from TD Bank to see who could create the best dish from a box of mystery ingredients.

We hear there were some interesting jar opening and cheese grating techniques involved. Hmm.

You’ll just have to watch the show to find out what we mean and to see who won. We’ll update once air times are confirmed.

Thanks to judges Caroline Scime, Jeff Mahoney, and of course Chef Nicholas.

If you’re interested in trying some hands-on cooking classes with Chef Nicholas, here are some coming up:

Fortino’s Westdale, 1579 Main St W
Classes are Mondays from 630-830pm / $32 pp
Call Jessica at 905 308-9520 to register

Feb 13th Hands on From Paris with Love
Mar 13th Hands On Irish & Scotland
Apr 10th Hands on Mediterranean
May 8th Hands on Spring Dishes using local foods
June 12th Hands on Sicilian

Tracie’s Place Restaurant, 592 Upper James
Classes are Tuesdays from 630-830pm / $30 pp
Call Tracie at 905-538-0795 to register

Feb 7th Hands on Italian
March 7th Hands On German
Apr 4th Hands on Asian
May 2nd Hands on Spanish
June 6th Hands on Polish

Six Week Gourmet Cooking Class
Fortino’s Westdale Gourmet International
Starts March 23 from 630-830pm / $180 pp
E-mail nicholas.scime@yahoo.com

For more information on Chef Nicholas, visit his website.