Derby 101
Derby 101 is open to beginners 18 years+ who want to learn the game of flat track roller derby.  Our 18-20 week sessions run twice per year.  If you’re determined, dedicated, and team-oriented, we want to hear from you! While a sports background is helpful, no experience is required.

How Derby 101 Works
The first night is a registration and gear-up night. Over the following weeks we will teach you how to roller skate and the skills needed to play roller derby. The final session is a skills assessment. Pass that, and you’re on to Smash Squad where you continue to learn game play and derby skills on your way to becoming a skater for Hammer City.

Next Derby 101 Program
If you’re interested in joining Derby 101 or have any questions, complete our online skater intake questionnaire and we’ll get back to you and send you reminders about upcoming info and Derby 101 sessions.

I’m ready! Let’s do this! How do I sign up?
Make sure you complete our online skater intake questionnaire so we can send you all the information on how to sign up and secure your spot.

How much does it cost?
The first 10 week of the Derby 101 program costs $100 plus $30 insurance. After the initial 10 weeks, the monthly cost is $30.

What equipment do I need?
You will need quad roller skates, knee pads, wrist guards, elbow pads, a mouthguard, and a helmet. Check out and Neon Skates for freshmeat packages.

Smash Squad
If you already know how to play roller derby or are returning to the sport after a hiatus, Smash Squad is the place for you.  You’ll have the space to regain your derby legs alongside other returnees and freshly minted Derby 101 grads.  Smash Squad members can join regular league practices after successfully passing the current Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) skills test. 

Transfer Skaters
Roll with us! If you are a member in good standing with another league, contact us and we’ll get you transitioned to our league.

Junior Skaters
17 and under? We’ve got a program for you too! Learn more.

Other Roles
We’re also looking for referees, non-skating officials, coaches, and volunteers. Learn more.