New Name. New Look. 100% Hammer City.

HCRD_LOGO-PRIMARY-12017 ushers in not only a new season – our twelfth – but also some exciting new changes for Hamilton’s competitive roller derby league.

Today the Hammer City Roller Girls skate on as Hammer City Roller Derby, complete with a refreshing, exciting new logo that combines Hamilton’s ubiquitous crossed hammers with derby’s classic jammer star.

All three Hammer City teams look forward to representing Hamilton on the flat track this year. The all-star Eh! Team will continue to compete in WFTDA sanctioned games, the Harlots have now become the Dundurn Hassle, and the Hammer City freshmeat team is now the Pier Pressure.

The Harlots have a long and storied history as one of the original roller derby teams in Canada, and were the inaugural Beast of the East champs in 2008. We thank all Harlots over the years for doing our City and league so proud, and for wearing the red so fiercely and finely. While the name may be retired, the fearless Harlots spirit lives on in every jam and in every hit we dish out as the Hassle.

The Dundurn Hassle is a fun nod to our roots in Hamilton and one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, the Dundurn Castle. The Hassle look forward to being pesky to all their opponents their season!

The Pier Pressure will represent Hammer City in freshmeat and rookie games, with a focus on gaining valuable experience, having fun, and bonding as teammates.

Together, all these changes represent a new chapter in Hamilton roller derby that is inclusive, respectful, sport-focused, and community-minded.

Since our league’s inception in 2006 there have been many changes to roller derby. A fringe game has evolved into a competitive – but still entertaining! – sport played all over the world. And over the years, our league has grown to include skaters, officials, and volunteers who all play a key role, but don’t all identify as female or feel that “girls” applies to them.  Hammer City Roller Derby more accurately reflects the diversity of our membership. We truly believe we are better and stronger together.

Your first chance to catch Hammer City Roller Derby in action at home will be on Saturday, May 6 at our season-opening double header. Other games follow on May 27 and June 17. Season tickets are available now.

No matter what the year, or what the name, it will always be #HammerTime.