Rec league

Rec derby is currently on hold until we find a suitable space. Follow us on Facebook for updates! 

What is rec derby?
It’s a space for all kinds of skaters who want to play derby in a fun, no-pressure, no-commitment environment.

Who comes to rec derby?

  • Experienced skaters who no longer play competitively
  • Retired derby players
  • Newer players looking to gain scrimmaging experience
  • Skaters looking for a low-contact option
  • Skaters who cannot commit to being members of a league
  • Skating officials who want to hone their skills
  • Skaters looking for more skate time – all the skating!

Hammer City Rec Derby is open to scrimmage-level women and gender-expansive skaters 18+.

How it works
Show up 15-30 minutes prior to the start time to pay, show proof of insurance, and gear up. A few minutes are allotted for warm-up, then we head right into scrimmage. Low-contact jams will be mixed in based on turnout. There is NO commitment, NO league work required. You just show up, pay, and skate! 

What to bring
Black and white scrimmage shirts with your number on them, insurance card/number

We welcome officials of all levels who want to come out and help officiate.  Rec nights are great opportunities to try out new positions and get more practice time.

Got more questions? E-mail us at or post in our Facebook group.